A homestay is a place, as everyone knows where guests are treated as their special ones by the host who shares their residence. The host will be the local of a place, who knows the very own culture so well which could be passed on to the guests. Most of the tourists today prefer a homestay to a hotel or a lodge. The reason behind it is very simple that is the hospitality they get in a homestay in Chikmagalur is unreplaceable.

Consider if you are visiting a place like Chikmagalur, which is famous for its coffee estates. it is a hill station in Karnataka, it has got a serene atmosphere, lush green forest, and tall mountains. as mentioned before it is a place in the middle of all lush green. A stay at Chikmagalur must also be right in fusion with it. One such place you can rely upon is Riverwoods, a perfect homestay in Chikmagalur.

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Riverwoods are family homestays and cottages situated in the avanthy hills, where a river runs through and cherry red coffee beans shine in the sunlight. Every season the coffee has an indelible charm. Along with these coffee plantations, there are tall teak trees where the river Bhadra flowing alongside it, where one can hike, cycle, kayak and raft in that clear water. while taking more about Riverwoods homestay it is a 60s style plantation bungalows that offers spacious bedrooms, rich red oxide flooring, wooden ceiling, and tiled roofs.

For sure people who love nature especially, those coffee lovers must visit Chikmagalur to spend at least a day amidst this wonderful greenery. if you want to get some bonus visit Riverwoods homestay, the homestay rooms include, Rustic bric-a braces, paintings, collectibles, and olden day quant articles, bookshelves, etc.the cottages, in the same way, are ceilings, luxurious, very spacious with yellow oxide floorings. You can hear birds chirping and peacock fluttering besides your bedroom.

The homestay in Chikmagalur contact number is 9448139791 feel free to call and enjoy all the mesmerizing facilities at affordable prices.

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