Birds Of Chikmagalur

by | Jan 12, 2019 |

Riverwoods is one of the best destination for Bird watching in Chikmagalur as well as in Karnataka. You can witness many species of birds with variety of colours there. It is a place where you don’t need to find them, but they will find you. It will be one of the best experience you may ever have.

We are offering you a range of holiday cottages in an area which is well known for bird watching opportunities. If you’re looking for a home stay in chikmagalur with proper rest and relaxation these cottages would be the best for some much-needed peace as the birds have their melodious tone smoothing your ears out.


The breath-taking landscapes of this cottage would bring in a wide variety of Birds which make this a great home to stay and bring in inner peace to your minds.

This would be the perfect base for a bird watching holiday wherever you can be, there are interesting opportunities for spotting some exciting birds and listening to the variety of tones which helps you to ease of your problems like tension and bring in happiness mentally as well as physically.

Chikmagalur is recognized for bird watching, with diverse and stunning landscapes that are home to a dazzling variety of bird life. Our cottage will be able to provide you a great night’s sleep ready to wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead as the birds chirping sound always brings calmness to the mindsets.

You would never want to miss this, as this would help you witness the real magic of birds watching in the outskirts of Homestay Chikmagalur and will also make a closure on visiting our cottages again in the near future.

Bird watching in Chikmagalur would bring you the most memorable days of your life and would really hesitate if you deny or refuse this great opportunity as this would bring a  cherish able moment.



Scarlet Minivet - Chikmagalur

Scarlet Minivet


Flameback Woodpecker - Bird of Chikmagalur


Flameback Woodpecker

Bee Eater - Chikmagalur

Bee Eater

KingFisher - birds of Chikmagalur


Egret - Birds In Chikmagalur


Bittern - Birds Of Chikmagalur


Greater Racket-tailed Drongo - Chikmagalur

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

Malabar Grey Hornbill - Birds In Chikmagalur

Malabar Grey Hornbill

Sunbird - Birds Of Chikmagalur


Purple Sunbird - chikmagalur riverwoods

Purple Sunbird

Olive-backed sunbird - Riverwoods Chikmagalur

Olive-backed sunbird

Weaver bird - Chikmagalur Birds

Weaver bird

Golden Oriole - birds in chikmagalur

Golden Oriole

Barbet - riverwoods birds chikmagalur


Rose Ringed Parakeet - chikmagalur birds

Rose Ringed Parakeet

Southern Hill Myna - Chikmagalur birds riverwoods

Southern Hill Myna

Rufous Tree Pie - birds chikmagalur

Rufous Tree Pie

Black Woodpecker - bird checklist chikmagalur

Black Woodpecker

Yellow wagtail

Magpie Robin

Fire Breasted Flowerpecker

White Rumped Munia.

Crested Serpent Eagle

Lesser Yellow Naped Woodpecker

Ashy Wood Swallow

Chestnut Headed Bee Eater

Little Spider hunter

White Cheeked Barbet

Crested Hawk Eagle

Spotted Dove

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