Bird Watching in Chikmagalur 

Nestled in the lush scenic beauty, Chikmagalur is a town full of magical natural wonders. Away from the hassles and noise of metropolitan cities, this town offers a perfect escape into bliss and serenity. If you are planning to enjoy a quiet weekend or spend some quality time with your loved ones, spending your vacation in a Homestay in Chikmagalur will be a great choice. To make your stay even more magical, you can indulge in admiring the beauty of rich fauna and a wide species of birds that call this place their home.

River Woods Resort offers a truly magical stay along with options to watch beautiful birds enjoy in their natural habitat. Some of the exquisite and rare birds can be seen in areas around Chikmagalur. You can easily spot Racquet-tailed Drongo, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Flame-throated Bulbul and many other species of birds in jungles around the town.

Every year, thousands of tourists and bird lovers come to Chikmagalur to witness the magic of beautiful birds.

Here are some of the popular spots to enjoy bird watching in Chikmagalur you should consider visiting 

    1. Dattagiri Hill Range

 At an elevation of 1895 meters, Baba Budan Giri Hill or Dattagiri Hill Range is a scenic spot to watch birds resting and flying. It is also home to the exotic “Kurinji” flower that blooms once every 12 years. Mullayanagiri Range, the highest peak in Dattagiri Range, is a popular spot amongst wildlife lovers, bird watching enthusiasts and nature lovers 

    2. Kudremukh National Park

  This UNESCO world heritage site is known for its natural beauty, rivers, historical shrines, dense jungles and rich wildlife. If you are in Chikmagalur, you must visit theKudremukh National Park to witness the famous hornbill and other birds.

Beyond these, there are many other places you can watch beautiful birds in their natural habitat. If you book your stay with River Woods, we can help you plan your visit to Chikmagalur beforehand. From arranging a vehicle for you to explore the region, to finding the perfect things to do while you are here, we are there to help you throughout. Call us today or write to us for a quick chat about why visit Chikmagalur and why stay at River Woods.

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