“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautifull Destinations”

Kallathigiri Falls, also known as Kalahasthi falls is a must visit location for the people who love picturesque natural settings and peaceful environments. Situated among a lush green cover, the waterfall offers an unforgettable view of nature’s magnificence. The falls are located in Kallathigiri, about 50 kilometers north of Chikmagalur. The average driving time from Chikmagalur to the waterfall is about 80 minutes.

There is a very famous temple built within the rocks of the 122m high waterfall, which is known as the Veerbhadra Temple. The temple is supposed to have been constructed during the time of the Vijayanagar empire. There is also a belief among the devotees that sage Agasthya had prayed at the waterfalls. It is also said that the water of these falls can cure diseases. A three-day fair in the honour of Lord Veerbhadra is held at the temple every year. People from all over the state come here to attend the fair.

The waterfall is a popular destination among trekkers. Many trekking expeditions start from Tarikere, which is about 24 kilometres from the falls. Trekkers travel through the hills and mountains around the waterfall, beholding the wonderful sights of nature they pass.

Kallathigiri falls are visited by tourists all year long because of the refreshing feeling that one gets in the setting here. But, those who want to have a full waterfall experience may visit the place in the monsoon season or right after it when the water is full and you can shower under it.

This is a must-see place for those looking to enjoy some time in the lap of nature. You can have a short picnic here with the kids and play in the water. This place is also occasionally visited by monkeys. Thus, take special care if you visit here with children.

Please note that Kallathigiri Falls is a serene place and holds religious value for the people of Karnataka. Do not dirty the water or the surroundings of the falls.

When To Visit Kallathigiri Falls (Timings)

Kallathigiri Falls is located near Riverwoods in Chikmagalur. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, adventure seekers and photographers. The main attraction is the beautiful hill station and the scenic waterfalls. The hill station has an altitude of 1894 m. The ideal and best season or timeframe to visit is between September and May. You can visit in the day time and average visitors tend to stay 1 or 2 hours. There is no entry fee to this wonderful tourist attraction. Timings: This beautiful tourist spot is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

Where To Stay In Kallathigiri Falls – Homestay

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