Known as the “Coffee Town of Karnataka”, Chikmagalur is
considered to be one of the most serene and enchanting places in the Western
Ghats. The town is surrounded by beautiful landscapes including mountains, hills,
evergreen forests, coffee plantations, rivers and waterfalls. The wonderful
sights of nature, peaceful environments and favouring weather attract adventure
seekers from around the country to Chikmagalur, all year round.

One of the most popular adventure activities in Chikmagalur
is trekking. There are various trekking trails near the town that go through
the forests and hills. These treks vary in difficulty and distance and even
beginners can find suitable treks here. Given below are two of the favourite trails
of the trekkers in Chikmagalur-

  • Kemmangundi Trek– Also speltKemmanagundi, this peak is a paradise for nature lovers because of themagnificent view that it offers. The trek to Kemmangundi peak takes one for amagical walk through the lush green forests and the scenic hills. The mostpopular attraction that the trail offers is Shanti Falls. The trek fromTarikere to Kemmangundi, which is about 30 kilometres long, gives theadventurers a chance to visit Kallathigiri Falls. This waterfall is 122m highand has a temple built within its rocks.

Hebbe Falls is located about 8 kilometres
from Kemmangundi and is a must visit place for the trekkers. Z point, a famous
viewpoint at Kemmangundi, offers breath-taking views of the landscape and
greenery of the Ghats.

  • Mullayanagiri Trek– The trek toMullayanagiri peak is very popular because of its spectacular views and ease.Mullayanagiri is Karnataka’s highest peak with a height of 1930 metres abovesea level. The trekking distance to the top is just about 3 to 4 kilometres andcan be covered in around 3 hours.

However, most trekkers include the
Manikyadhara falls, which is situated about 9 kilometres from Mullayanagiri peak,
in their trek.

Some of the other adventure activities that tourists can
enjoy in Chikmagalur include kayaking and river rafting in the river Bhadra,
and wildlife safari at the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The best
time to go for a trek in Chikmagalur is in the months of September to December.
During this time the waterfalls and streams are full and the weather during the
day is cool.

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other adventure activities in Chikmagalur.

(Please remember to carry all the required items
listed for the trek or any other adventure activity to ensure safety and