Mullayanagiri Peak


Mullayanagiri – The Highest Peak in Karnataka

Mullayanagiri is the most astounding peaks in India. It is the paradise for trekkers and here you can locate a few magnificent trekking trails. This is the best place for the nature walk in the country. Mullayanagiri is situated in the north-east direction of Chandra Dhrona hill ranges of the western ghats of Chikmagalur Taluk, and it has a height of 1,930 meters or 6330 ft it is the tallest peak in Karnataka in fact in india also.

About Mullayanagiri:

Located in a distance of 20 kilometers and 23 kilometers respectively from Chikmagalur along with Baba Budangiri, Mullayanagiri has been Karnataka’s highest peak with an elevation of 1950 meters. There is a little temple situated on the topmost peak of the Mullayanagiri summit within that you get a little statue of Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy. According to this Greek mythology, the Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy detected meditation for many years in the cave in addition to this Mullayanagiri summit. This is why the summit got its current identity, the older Kannada literature, but relates the expression’Mullai’ into the woods, the caves on peak of this Mullayanagiri hills aren’t as deep and contains an entry which directly leads one to the temple garbhagudi, this is exactly what creates the Mullayanagiri peaks as among the most appealing destinations such as intermediate trekkers.


The trekking path into the most popular summit of Mullayanagiri begins from Sarpadhari which extends around 3 kilometers. It’s relatively steep; nevertheless it is simple to cover the space within 1.5 hours, there is a Nandi statue, little flows, and a cave that has a little water supply to love in your way, because there are no water or food reservations, you have to carry a lot of these . Otherwise, you have to hold in your desire and thirst till you accomplish the Lord Shiva temple situated at the very top.

Exciting Facts About Mullayanagiri peak:

The summit has its name by a small temple in the summit, that can be committed to some Tapasvi Mullappa swamy, who’s thought to have meditated in the cave near the summit. For adventure fans, the place provides a chance to take part in activities such as mountain biking, trekking and street biking. Being the maximum summit in Karnataka, it delivers some very interesting trails. The trek path to the summit begins from Sarpadaari, that can be linked with Chikmagalur through street. That is 3 kilometers long medium amount trek that’s rather steep and requires approximately 1.5 hrs to achieve the summit. Direct road access can be available nearer to the summit which requires less than one km highs and take about 20-30 mins.
The Sea views in the very top of Mullyanagiri are breathtaking. The landmarks around the trek route are a little flow, a Nandi statue and a cave that has a little water supply inside. The Sunset introduces a stunning view from the summit.
Other trekking paths from Mullayangiri have been Baba Budangiri (12 kilometers ), Manikyadhara Falls (9 kilometers ) along with Deviramma Temple (13 kilometers ). The route to Bababudanagiri is rather popular are comparatively simple. However, the allure of the route is located in the Ridge Walk and Blade Walk across the linear slopes of this Baba Budangiri ranges. The very first elongate involves a steep descent back to meet the main street. The next area of the course involves a gentle ascent uphill plus a exceptional form walk.

The following stretch of the route takes you into the BSNL tower that’s a couple of kilometers before the summit. This route involves the blade walk in case a person can acquire consent from the checkpost located enroute because trekkers cross the main street. Blade walk is really a adrenalin pumping rugged stretch having scaring drops on each side. After over half a hour trek to a narrow course, one reaches on the BSNL tower. A little pond near the tower features refreshment. The final stretch of the road requires you to Baba Budan Giri which is located about 2 kilometers from the tower. The road from BSNL tower to Bababudanagiri is crystal very clear and camping is permitted at Baba Budhangiri. There are not any stores in the summit. Packed water and food is essential for trekking. Incase of big audience, vehicles to Mullayanagiri are ceased at Seethalayanagiri. By Seethalayanagiri, Mullayanagiri is just 3 kilometers and it’s a very easy trek.

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