One of Chikmagalur’s best resorts for couples is Riverwoods. Resorts in Chikmagalur are built to soothe every tired mind and body. They have the apt ambiance to invigorate your pangs of hefty mundane schedules and let you energies for the next couple of days to come.  People from corporate and IT fields from all over Karnataka throng to the Resort near Chikmagalur to seek some solitary time for couples and family. Packed all year round, the Riverwoods resort play a vital role in relieving pain and exhaustion from every fatigued body and soul through their pampering services.

Most of the at Chikmagalur are built on the foothills of Rocky Mountains that are crept by lush green forests giving a dash of natural bliss to the resorts. Rock formations inside the resort complex further add to the beauty of the resorts. Kids often find it amusing playing around the rock formations inside the resorts or else just lingering on the serene walkways through the resorts. Chikmagalur are often equipped with large spacious rooms with all modern day comfort to address one’s luxury needs. One can spend hours watching the majestic beauty of nature through their windows and balcony. Many indoor games are available inside the resorts to keep visitors engaged with their skills.

Several activities like trekking and adventure, rock climbing and camp fire arranged by the Resorts nearby Chikmagalur entice many adventure lovers to visit these places again and again. Several ancient temples have populated the nearby areas which make for a visit to seek some blessings from the deities. The best resorts for couples are located in the chikmagalur of several tourist spots which keep visitors busy with their magnum and majesty.

Chikmagalur has large and spacious conference rooms with all technical tools and facilities to conduct a successful corporate meeting or conference. Any stay made on business trips for foreign delegates are properly addressed by the much educated staff of these resorts. Riverwoods resorts in Chikmagalur serve their visitors with continental and international cuisines to make them feel at home away from home. Youngsters can have their fun time at the night clubs and bars that are strategically built inside the resorts to keep them busy with fun and insanity. The best resorts in chikmagalur for couples are apt for a weekend stay or a holiday for those who want to just unwind and relax and enjoy the pampering hospitality amidst the laps of nature.

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