The Mesmerizing Hills of ChikmagalurChikmagalur is a small and attractive town which is located in south-western region of Karnataka. This town lies in the foothills of mullayanagiri range and it is famously known for its coffee cultivation. Chikmagalur translates as ‘town of younger daughter’. The chief of Sakrepatna, known as Rukmangada gave it as the dowry for his younger daughter while the other region of the town was given as the dowry for his elder daughter. Chikmagalur is popularly known as it was the first place in India to cultivate coffee. An Islamic saint named Babu Budan brought the coffee seeds from Yemen to chikmagalur for cultivation purposes. For this reason, the entire north side of the mountain range is named after him. Tourist gathers here often to visit its numerous waterfalls, rivers, endless hillocks, green valleys and varied wildlife. Chikmagalur is located near to Hassan, Belur, Halebeedu and many other tourist getaways, for this reason, it forms as a centre of attraction.

Mullai giri which is the highest peak of Karnataka is located at chikmagalur and it is the most sought out tourist spot in chikmagalur. The average height of the peak is about 6300 ft. above the sea level and it produces aesthetic visual of the Baba Budangiri Hills. A shiva temple is located at the tip of the hill with a nandi inside an open hut. Rivers like tunga and bhadra has the curtesy of originating from these mountains and these forms the major part of Western Ghats. From thick green valleys, silver oak forest to unmatched scenery view and mountain ranges, the chikmagalur offers everything a travelers needs to enjoy the beauty of nature. Travelers can take a walk among the coffee cultivation plants and enjoy the beautiful view and they      could have a coffee knowing more about the coffee cultivating process.


An adventure seeking traveler will be more than satisfied by the trekking opportunities chikmagalur offers. Kemmanagundi is the famous hill station for trekking and it is located in green covers of baba budangiri hills. Series of waterfalls can be seen wile trekking through these mountains. One of the famous waterfalls is Manikyadhara falls which is known for its sanctity among the local residents. The true reason for considering it as a sacred place is due to a legend which most locals believe in.  It is believed that a saint with four of his disciples visited this place in search of water to quench their thirst. They prayed for water and they were provided with sacred water from Manikyadhara Falls.

If you are planning to leave the stressful life behind to go on a holiday trip, the chikmagalur hill station is the best spot. As this tourist spot is not known by many people it is less crowded. This enables people to enjoy the sceneries and beauty of nature in a peaceful manner.

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