Riverwoods: Come Experience a Typical Day in the Life of a Coffee Planter

About Us

Since 1916, coffee’s rich and fertile legacy has been quietly flourishing at Riverwoods. Set in the beanful lap of the famed Avanthy Estates, is our homestay which offers you that unique experience to live the life of a planter.

Follow the bean from Arabica and Robusta to that aromatic cuppa on your table in our eco friendly haven. We pride ourselves with ecologically uplifted methods, and non toxic nurturing. Our colonial homestay is solar powered and offers you a rustic village retreat with bounties from our verdant hills, to complete your tryst with nature — as the river rushes by, soothing the weariest of souls.


River Woods, Magundi Post, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka - 577160

(+91) 94481-39791 | (+91) 82177-76953 . contact@riverwoods.in